Online TTS based Accessibility Service – VOICEMON


VOICEMON is the TTS based total web accessibility solution which allows your visitors to change your site the way they need it to work for them.

Our software includes text to speech functionality, high contrast zoom text Magnifier, and many features.



VOICEMON offers :

Server-based service : unlike downloadable text-to-speech software, our server-based technology means that a visitor to a site has full access to Voicemon wherever they are in anywhere.

Human Voice : Voicemon intelligently understands grammar and punctuation, quickly bringing any text to life in a range of clear and natural-sounding voices.

Synchronized word highlighting with speech :  Visual Highlighting while speech enabling content is a proven means of improving comprehension, studies show an increase in reading grades.

Zoom text magnifies : visitors can easily magnify text size on a website at the click of a button, make it easier on the eyes.

High Contrast Color Change : Users can also change the background color in which the text is highlighted.

Talking Hotkeys : visual-impaired visitors, or those who have difficulty using a mouse, can use spoken keyboard instructions to hear and navigate a site quickly and easily

Easily Control Functionality : Users are easily change voice speed, volume by their needs. Also any full content of web page can be listened continuously or selecting part of content by visitors needs. Time-poor visitors can download audio file.



Voicemon TTS based Accssibility service means :

On-the-go reading of your web pages with no software for users to install

  • Easy to implement : a simple HTML code is all that is required

  • Reads static and dynamic pages

  • Ability to vocalize a predefined area of text 5+ languages available

  • Variety of female and male voices for most languages listed

  • Specific voice Zoom text magnifier with high contrast function.

  • What can Voicemon TTS(Text to Speech)read? – HTML, Accessible Java and Flash, Alt Tags behind pictures, Hyperlinks, https secure sites, Intranet and Extranet, PDF, Word documents.

  • Compatible with all browsers and operating system

  • SaaS hosting. Providing you with automatic updates

  • Easy to use, you do not need to set the function everytime you visit website by Auto cash turn on function

  • High performance and security thanks to its cutting edge technologies

  • Can be used simultaneously by several users

  • It is free to the end users



The ethical benefits of Voicemon are obvious. In today’s world, where so much information is to be found on the Internet, Everybody firmly believes that no-one should be denied access to it. Any other countries for example, the Disability Discrimination Act has made it a legal requirement for those who provide services online to make“reasonable adjustments” to their websites, and to ensure equality of service provision for all users.

Letting users have your site read loud to them using Voicemon will make your site easier to use for large numbers of people.

In the US and Canada there are :

45+ million people with literacy problems (source :U.S. Nat’l Literacy Survey 1992)

10-15% of the population with a learning disability (source: National Institutes of Health)

18% of the population over age 5 for whom English is a second language (US Census Bureau 2002)

13+% of children aged 3-21 who receive special education (source:

12% of the Canadian population with some type of disability (source: Statistics Canada)

22% of Canadians who are functioning at the lowest literacy level (source: Statistics Canada)



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